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{52} Mariesen - 5 Seconds Of Summer
1D - Louis Red BG
mariesen wrote in immernochhier
+ 20 icons for round #57 @ musicians20in20

 photo Cat1_zpsbmwo9rai.jpg  photo 3_oneword_zpseeurvsbt.jpg  photo 4_sunglasses_zpslex3j0vi.jpg


center crop fake background one word sunglasses candid
frame half yellow minimalistic floral

5 CATEGORY: Color Palette

cat. 1 cat. 2 cat. 3 cat. 4 cat. 5


#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

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♥ credit
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♥ don't edit, claim as your own or repost
♥ enjoy!

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I really like your minimalistic icon and what you did with the category icons and the way you used the colours in the icon. Also, really like what you did with the AC set.

Thank you so very much!

Really nice icons. I really love Fake Background and what you did with Yellow, it was a fantastic interpretation

I really liked the yellow one (its my fav color 💛)

Thank you! Yellow is such a happy colour :D

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