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{54} Mariesen - Halsey + Rihanna
Georg - Hot
mariesen wrote in immernochhier
+20 icons for round #62 @musicians20in20

 photo cat2_zpsjzctqnrp.jpg  photo rotated_zpspsscl2ck.jpg  photo ac4_zpsckoxblmw.jpg


Affection Yellow Text Loss Rotated Naughty
Polka dots Soft glow Provided Bitter Touch


#1 #2 #3 #4 #5


#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

♥ comment
♥ credit
♥ don't hotlink
♥ don't edit, claim as your own or repost
♥ enjoy!

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OMG, these r so awesome! I love: naughty, provided, touch, whole ac set.

Thank you so very much ^_^

a friend linked me here bc she knew I'd be excited to have Halsey icons! I took polka dots, obviously, and the ac's. Thanks for making such gorgeous icons!

This makes me happy! Thank you so much! ^_^

Lovely icons! My favourites are affection, loss, polka dots, cat 2, cat 4, ac 1 and ac 4.

(Deleted comment)
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